Finally, I have finished my first profile on MU student Witriani for the International Center.  Witri was a great sport and is a great student and person.  In her profile she talks about all the different ways she has had to adjust to life in Columbia.


Baby on the way…I mean book

September 18, 2011

David Rees and I went to the printer’s in August to see the pages of the book I edited go to press.  After months of editing, designing, writing and toning, it felt really good to see the final pages coming off the press.  Now it is just a waiting game until the books come back from the binders!  Any day now I will have my book!

Watkins Entry Way

This was the welcoming we got at the printers in August!


When a new sheet was set, we would check it on this table and then initial it if it looked good. I think the numbers mean something, but I have no idea what.


Different pages of the book stacked and ready to be packed and sent off to the binders!


Monday night, I covered the Fulbright dinner that the MU International Center hosted at Shakespeare’s Pizza in downtown Columbia.  There were over 50 people at the dinner.  I had no idea there were so many Fulbright awardees at MU.  Congratulations to you all.

New Job!

September 11, 2011

This next year I will be working as the Photographer and Multimedia specialist for the MU International Center.  I am so excited about this  position and cannot wait to work on all the different projects we have been talking about.  Last week I created a quick time lapse of their study abroad fair for fun.  I wish it had been longer and showed the set up and tear down of the event because it was so huge.  However, I was mistaken in thinking that Canon 5D Mark IIs have a built-in time lapse option.  So by the time I figured this out the event had already started and I could not find a timer nor did I have the time to download the correct hardware update to do it with my computer.  So I made the time lapse manually.  I set my camera on a grand piano in the corner of the room and snapped my shutter a few times every minute or so.  I think the final product turned out alright, though I have to say making a time lapse manually feels pretty silly.  I got lots of strange looks.  But I guess it was worth it, and definitely a good leaning experience.

Lake 2011

August 9, 2011

Drae jumping into the lake

Drae jumping into the lake

4-month-old on dock
Keaton with Nanna

When the cast of “Gifts, Greed and Evergreens” were not performing they had lots of other things going on as well.  Five of the six cast members were not from Macon, so they stayed in apartments downtown and at the Snyders’ home, a local family heavily involved with Maples Rep.

Before an evening performance, actor Alex Pagels, left, helps actress Elena Bossler work on her voice over auditions. Before moving to Macon for the show, Bossler lived in Los Angeles. When she talked to her agent about the show, he told her she could record her auditions and send them in. After the show ended in Macon, Bossler was moving back home to do another show and is currently applying to the graduate program in theater at Yale University. She said she would probably only move back to LA if she started getting voice over work.

Alex Pagels hugs Janice Snyder on his last night in Macon. Pagels stayed with the Snyders while in Macon. Janice stays in touch with many of the actors that stay with them and says it gets lonely in the months that the theatre is not running.

After a special performance, a holiday cabaret, actors Alex Pagels and Elena Bossler wind down in Bossler's apartment by watching TV with the rest of the cast. While doing the show in Macon Bossler shared the apartment downtown with cast mate Lauren Longyear, not pictured.

After their final evening performance the cast spends the evening at the artistic director Todd Davison's home.

Members of the Fiquet family greet the cast who were invited over for a midnight breakfast after one of their evening shows.

Cast members watch for a fellow actress in a movie as they wait for breakfast to be served. The Fiquet family often invites the cast to their home. Jeanne Fiquet stars in a local cooking show along with a friend.

Actor Kevin Schuering packs his car early Monday, December 13th in front of the Snyders' home. Schuering stayed with the Snyders while doing the show in Macon and drove back to Chicago to spend the holidays with his family after the show ended.

Ok, that is all of the Macon photos from this project.  Promise.

Maples Rep: Backstage

December 28, 2010

Included in this post are the photos I like from backstage at the Maples Repertory Theatre in Macon, Mo.  With such an interesting and fun cast, I am having a hard time nailing down a narrative.  So for now, for my blog, I am just posting the photos I like from different situations.

Actress Paris Bradstreet begins preparing to go onstage in the main dressing room.

Elena Bossler and Alex Pagels pass the time in the dressing room by playing Jenga while other cast members warm up in their own ways.

The artistic director and founder of the Maples Repertory Theatre, Todd J. Davison, passes some time offstage by catching up on his local news. Davison shared one of the headlines and stories with the other cast members, "Cats not likely to cause hairballs in humans."

Actress Paris Bradstreet stretches backstage before her performance as an older woman in a skit about an old, cranky married couple.

Elena Bossler celebrates after successfully completing a tough Jenga move while cast mate Alex Pagels, lower right corner, puts his tights on for his elf costume in the main dressing area. While the actors usually dress in their gender-respective dressing rooms, Pagels did not want to miss Bossler taking her turn.

After the final show Elena Bossler and Alex Pagels talk in the dressing room. The two had not met prior to working in Macon together but made jokes of working together again, possibly in India. After the close of their Macon show, Bossler was headed to Philadelphia to do another show and Pagels was headed back to New York City to look for his next job and a new apartment. Like all their cast mates, the two said it was hard to say where they would be or what they would be doing a year from now.

An ice cream birthday cake for Jesus...and Todd. In the performance of "Gifts, Greed and Evergreens" one of the character's families celebrates Christmas with an ice cream cake for Jesus. After the final performance of the show, the cast and crew enjoyed their own ice cream cake for Jesus. Since Davison's birthday was coming up, they also included him on the cake as well.

Check back for my final posting of contenders from this project.  The final installment will include photos of the actors outside the theatre, around Macon.

Maples Rep: The Theatre

December 27, 2010

Earlier this month, I spent nearly a week working on a project in Macon, Mo at the theatre.  These photos mostly serve as scene setters.  Since they may wind up in the book I will be editing, I tried to imagine them in black and white as I took them, which is why I am also posting them in black and white.

The Christmas parade passing by the theatre on December 11, 2010. The parade was held an hour before the theatre's last evening performance of Gifts, Greed and Evergreens. The cast and crew watched the parade in front of the theatre.

View of the theatre from the stage. The theatre originally opened in 1889 as the Royal Theatre and has since served as the home to a cinema and a community theatre. The repertory theatre has been operating since 2004.

Cast members rehearse their music for the holiday cabaret they performed on Thursday, December 9, 2010.

Sinks in the bathrooms at the Maples Repertory Theatre.

Cast members decide what to do between an afternoon and evening show. Lauren Longyear, left, did not feel well and leaves for the apartment she shared with Elena Bossler, middle. Longyear thought she was coming down with the flu or may have been dehydrated. Kevin Schuering, far right, and Alex Pagels try to convince Bossler to come get food with them while she decides who to go with. The small cast became very close in the time they were together, just days shy of a month.

In the hallway outside the main theatre.

Cast members take a bow after their final performance of Gifts, Greed and Evergreens on Sunday, December 12, 2010.

Check back for more photos from back stage.

Holiday Cabaret at Maples Repertory Theatre, Thursday, December 9, 2010.

I have moved back to Macon, Mo for a few days to do a photo story on the repertory theatre there.  After talking to one of the directors of the Missouri Photo Workshop, we agreed this was one of the stories we wished had been done at the workshop in September, though I cannot complain because I am having a great time shooting it myself.  The cast has three shows left, two today and one more tomorrow.  So there is a lot of time left for me to work on my story.  For now, here is some of the stuff I have been working on.


Elena Bossler and Alex Pagels sing a duet during the Holiday Cabaret that the cast put on Thursday night, December 9, 2010.

Elena Bossler stretches outside the girls' dressing room in the basement of Maples Repertory Theatre before a performance of Gifts, Greed and Evergreens, Friday, December 10, 2010.

Todd Davison and Paris Bradstreet prepare for their roles as an older married couple Friday night.

Actors Alex Pagels and Lauren Longyear exit the stage after Friday night's performance.

After a performance, Lauren Longyear decorates cookies for the rest of the cast who were hanging out at the apartment she shares with castmate Elena Bossler. Longyear had a knife out to cut a chocolate up for some of the cookies and then used it to mix icing colors.

After a performance, cast member Kevin Schuering, right, winds down with video games while Alex Pagels sleeps on the floor. Pagels fell asleep while talking with Schuering.

When we were assigned to do a character or job profile for our photo class earlier this semester, I knew I wanted to work with Amber Atkisson.  I heard about Amber when she was featured in VOX Magazine this past summer.  While she considerers herself a freelance artist who works with many different mediums, Atkisson is making a name for herself in Columbia as a body painter.